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Re: [sc-dev] SF.net SVN: supercollider:[8298] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/ ViewRedirect.sc

Well it's it's a wrapper with its own window. The EZClasses (which are
only temporarily redirected until RO gets implemented on swing) also
needed this  because they have additional args. A Window obviously has
its own as well.

We could give FreqScope an optional Parent, and a popUp window only if
there is none. Actually couldn't we add a method to SCView that does
this for any View? If no parent, then pop up an always on top window ,
and  add the view with and inset of 4px.  Put it right in SCView, and it
can be eliminated from a lot of other stuff!

I can add this it SCView, since it is basically already written, to
JSCView as well.

that would simplify a lot of things. I think it is a very good idea. This parent could also have a decorator.


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