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[sc-dev] Re: findHelpFile patch

Hi - grateful if someone could try this and commit it, please - it
allows for a way to make this work on windows, which I'll check in
once someone confirms mac doesn't get broken


2008/12/22, Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi -
>  The attached patch moves the responsibility for String:findHelpFile
>  into the CocoaDocument / Emacs classes, for a cleaner override on
>  non-Mac platforms.
>  I'm away from both svn and mac at the moment. Could someone please
>  verify that the patch doesn't break String:findHelpFile on osx, and if
>  seems OK, commit?
>  Thanks
>  Dan
> --
>  http://www.mcld.co.uk


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