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Re: [sc-dev] EZ actions

BTW, The main features of the new EZGuis are:

per item actions for the list and menu views

parent and bounds act like other SCViews (Point or Rect)

labels are optional, and no labelView will be created if label is set to
nil. If you set the label later, then the label view is inserted.  So
use all the convenient features of EZPopUPMenu or EZListView, without
the space-hogging label.

labelPosition = \left, \top (plus \stack for EZSlider)

EZ views attempt to get gap from the parent, or default to 2. Setting
gap overides both.

All have popUpWindows (alwaysOnTop=true) if parent is nil, plus if the
bounds are a Point, then the parent window will be neatly placed toward
the top of the screen;

By making sensible combinations of label postions and bounds, you can
get some cool layouts (see my recently posted examples)

I have abstracted the ezmethods into an OOP structure so that making
other ones requres a minimum of extra code. (I may still optimize this
structure once I'm all through)

thats it.


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