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Re: [sc-dev] EZ actions

OK, I added EZNumber and EZSLider to the ViewRedirecter. This is only a
temporary measure until SwingOSC gets a relativeOrigin=true Container.
SwingOSC will be directed ot the old classes for now.

EZRanger will follow in the nex week, and I will put lots of great
examples (all those I used for testing) into the help files.

There still may be som glitches in the new EZ functions. For the old
functionality, I adopted all the old methods, so  that should be ok, if
it used to be ;-)

I need to fix all the help links for now, after that reshuffling  .....


Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
>> try out the new pop up features, adn the three layout states for
>> EZSliderSC.
>> labelPosition= \left, \top, or \stack
>> they're fun.
> yes! nice one.

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