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Re: [sc-dev] PsyCollider 3.3 Alpha

Hi James,

Le 22 déc. 08 à 17:00, James Harkins a écrit :

Another way to check for the existence of a class is Symbol:asClass.

E.g., on my windows machine,

\Object.asClass === Object
--> true

--> true

But on mac, \SCImageFilter.asClass.isNil would return false.

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 10:45 AM,  <thelych@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
because SCImageFilter has a classvar named *categories* and the Help is
collecting the *categories* as you know.
if it is not put as an exception it will break the SCHelpBrowser.
that's why i suggested you the kinda code above... although i do not know if it will work correctly for other platform since i am exclusively on a Mac.

On non-mac platforms, SCImageFilter should not be compiled into the
in-memory class library because it's in a folder named osx (at some
level of depth). In that case, 'categories' will never be called on
that class because as far as the interpreter is concerned, the class
doesn't exist. So it would not need to be in the exception list on
non-mac platforms.

yes, i suspected it but i was not sure since i do not know how is structured PsyCollider and if it is sharing a common base code.
But i am happy it is finally resolved.
Thanks for this clarification James.

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