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Re: [sc-dev] PsyCollider 3.3 Alpha

Hi Dan,

i think it is in the Help.sc (this one is cross platform ?)

the categoriesSkipThese classvar contains SCImageFilter hard-coded in it,
that might be it.

may be adding something like:

Platform.case( \osx, { categoriesSkipThese =
categoriesSkipThese.add(SCImageFilter) });

will prevent it.

Could you try to see if removing SCImageFilter or applying this line remove
this annoying warning ?

Thanks Charles, yes that seems to be it. I don't see why that class
should be an exception anyway...?

because SCImageFilter has a classvar named *categories* and the Help is collecting the *categories* as you know.
if it is not put as an exception it will break the SCHelpBrowser.
that's why i suggested you the kinda code above... although i do not know if it will work correctly for other platform since i am exclusively on a Mac.


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