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Re: [sc-dev] EZ methods

> Well, I think it would be best if they were consistent. I thought the
> consensus was that you shouldn't need a FlowLayout to use them. The 0
> margins approach seems sensible.
> Any objections?
> S.

I committed a mockup of an EZ-Class structure, with only EZPopUpMenu and
EZListView in it.

this may change slightly. A can probably quite easily add EZSlider and
EZNumber to this.

EZRanger already has its own parent view thing, and an EZRanger2 for a
top label.

I could integrate that, but not without the ok of the author.

Unless there are abjections, I will go ahead (Monday, afternoon) with
adapting EZSlider and EZNumber.

No code will break, no worries, though it is possible that the rigid
container will cause gui formatting glitches if someone used to make the
line break on purpose.  I think that the advantages are worth it though.


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