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Re: [sc-dev] Help Tree in Help menu?

On 21 Dec 2008, at 09:12, jostM wrote:

you are right, but shuffling this will break tons of links. Unless we move the stubs directory up to the top level, and call the dir Main-GUI, or something. Then I just have to adjust the stubs generator, and rebuild.

Changing the name of the GUI directory to CocoaGUI, might be ok too, and the stubs dir to GUI since most links are relative. I think I can handle fixing links then (I hope);

Would that be a solution?

Scott mentioned a link fixing script. I'd like to see that actually. Where is it?

I think Dan used linkchecker.sf.net, but that won't fix them.

If it's a question of moving all the stubs, then you should be able to search and replace the necessary directory portions of the URL. You could open them all in Smultron for instance, and use the Advanced Find. That should be pretty fast.


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