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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

>>>>> "DkS" == Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    DkS> Would you mind sending a patch for adding this to the scons
    DkS> install step? I'd like to try it out on my little linux.

Im sorry i dont talk enough 'sconsish' to be able to plug it into the
SCEL installation part of SConstruct, but its supposed to be easy :-)

I think it involves making a Builder for the SCEL environment with a
method for substituting the p-tags in every html-file.  Anybody has a
template for this?

The actual substitution is just 2 sed-pipes (which presumably should be
substituted with relevant python code inside a SConscript somewhere):

Put a script in a file "./rehtmlize" ( between the --- lines):



echo rehtmlizing "$IN"

# change various <p id=*> type tags with equivalent divs:

cat "$IN" | sed 's/p\.p\([0-9]\)/#p\1/' \
	  | sed 's/<p class="\(.*\)">\(.*\)<\/p>/<div id="\1">\2<\/div>/' \
	   > "$OUT"
mv "$OUT" "$IN"


then run it on every html-file inside Help:

$ find Help -name '*.html' -print0 -exec ./rehtmlize $i {} \;

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