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Re: [sc-dev] PsyCollider 3.3 Alpha

2008/12/21 Scott Wilson <s.d.wilson.1@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> A couple of funny warnings:

Yes I get these too:

> Could not connect socket

This is SwingOSC starting up and connecting, you get these on linux
too, they're a little annoying

> Execution warning: Class 'SCImageFilter' not found

This is a BIG mystery. I've grepped the whole class tree trying to
solve this one, and I can't see anything using SCImageFilter that
isn't safely hidden away in 'osx' folders.

Can anyone work this out? Please, whoever made SCImageFilter: why
might this be happening on startup?

> GeneralHID.fromID : The HID scheme 'nil' is not installed
> The current scheme is still 'nil'!

Marije will have to comment on that one, I see it quite a lot.



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