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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs


On 12/20/08, Scott Wilson <s.d.wilson.1@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey Marije,
>> On 12/19/08, Scott Wilson <s.d.wilson.1@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hmm. Maybe another solution would be to do the search and replace
>>> dynamically in scel when a help file is opened, but before w3m
>>> renders. That would avoid the problem of a separate set of files and
>>> improve rendering for scel users, while maintaining the status quo
>>> for
>>> anything else.
>>> Anders, do you have the Lisp chops for that?
>> That would not solve the editing problem on Linux.
>> If the Cocoa HTML turns out to be a bit cleaner with this approach, it
>> will be less of a hassle to edit helpfiles on Linux and I would
>> actually be able to fix more issues in Helpfiles as I come across
>> them.
> It's not much different really. <p> tags are just replaced with <div>
> so not really cleaner. It would render better in w3m though. I still
> think it might make most sense to use something like Nvu on Linux
> rather than editing the html directly.

Nvu will then replace all Cocoa tags too (at least of the edited part)
and that will then render unpredictably in SCapp. I got critics on
helpfiles looking different after I edited them with wysiwyg editors
on Linux.
So that is still not a satisfactory solution.
It's an old discussion we've been having again and again.

When I have time I can maybe give some examples of what happens.
I also need to look deeper into the (Auto)Helper classes, last time I
tried, they were not working properly for me.

>> So, if you can do the replace in Cocoa as you proposed, that would
>> greatly improve things.
> It doesn't render properly in SC.app so I think that probably won't
> work. (See my other message.) But it would look better in scel if the
> replacement was done on that side before rendering.

If there is no compromise possible at all for things looking even
slightly different than they do now in SCapp that makes for a very
limited discussion to come to a solution that is comfortable for
everyone across platforms.


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