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Re: [sc-dev] Ref modifications

Hi Ron,

maybe we could take the opportunity to implement multichannel control setting in patterns. My idea would be that if you do a Ref(pattern), the result when embedInStream is called should be the Refs of the values. In Event type note, referenced arguments could easily be added to set array args.

	\freq, `Pseq([[100, 341.2, 72], [130, 141.2, 332]], inf),
	\dur, 0.1

apart from this, I agree with your suggested changes. We may wnat to reimplement embedInStream etc. in the subclass Maybe.

Hi all (Julian in particular),

I would like to go ahead and delete the current embedInStream and add the methods for Routines, summarized here:

+Ref {
	embedInStream { ^this }

	asUGenInput { ^this }				// as it is now

	asControlInput { ^value }

	at { | key | ^value.at(key) }
	put  { | key, val | value.put(key, val) }
	seq { | pat | value = pat.embedInStream(this) }

at/put/seq will simplify syntax for Proutines in Event Streams (using seq makes it consistent with Pspawner and avoids any possible
inconsistency about embedInStream





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