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[sc-dev] SC symposium site

Hi all,

The  SC3 symposium site is now ready to take submissions.
It is located at http://supercollider.wesleyan.edu/conf/ (until we get the link on the main supercollider.wesleyan.edu page updated).

To make a submission, you need to set up an account name and password.

  Currently, we have "tracks" for talks concerning:

	1. development environments
	2. platform independence
	3. interactive control
	4. compositional frameworks
	5. UGen development
	6. Language and Server development
	7. Documentation and Tutorials
	8. other

And tracks for performances, installations, and workshops.

If there are any major gaps with this classification scheme, let us know and we will add another track.

Further conference details will appear on those pages soon. (Quick note: hotel rooms at the Inn at Middletown will be double occupancy and cost $125. a night, a minor discount from their normal rate of 139. The discounted rate can be obtained on reservations made until March 9, 2009. Other hotels at lower rates can be found, but require a car to get to and from campus. We will post full details on the WWW site in January.)



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