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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

> There are well over 1000 help files, 
oops, I'm outa here!

> so I've figured any non-trivial conversion (i.e. to a structured doc
> format) would likely be a huge task requiring extensive human work. So
> far nobody has been willing to do that. It's also a little bit of a
> concern that you won't really get to test the new system until after
> that is done. It would certainly have some advantages though.

If some kind of automation were possible, and the job was distributed
over several people, it might be possible. A single person would need
six week full time, and would be ready for the mad house afterwards.

As long as we can make the docs readable on other platforms, I see no
immediate need. Yet if some kind of automated pre-conversion is possible
for redoing the docs, then maybe it can be considered in the future. At
the moment, I just want to have what I have done so far as error free as
possilbe for 3.3



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