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Re: [sc-dev] jost - gui helpfiles - some typos

On 17 Dec 2008, at 23:58, Dan Stowell wrote:

2008/12/17 jostM <sc3@xxxxxxxx>:

all the JSCxxx links in the swinggui column are broken.

these are not broken. However, since they depend on where you have
installed the swing libs, they actually can never be correct. On OSX, I
could simply make them link to JSCSlider.html, etc. with no path, and
the editor will search for the. (this is actually a problem, since it
makes it hard for me to check, unless I open them in  a web browser.)
Under Linux, however, the browsers need correct paths.

don't know how to solve that.

Hmm, yes, you've chosen the "expected" location of the swingosc help,
which is probably best. (It's where I'm putting the help, in the
windows installer ;) On OSX the app recognises links in the format
"sc://JSCSlider.html" and starts search automatically, but I don't
think the other platforms yet have a way to handle these.

Yeah, that was the solution adopted for cases where you can't know the location. (see other thread on this) Would be nice if we could make a decision about whether other clients will/should add support for this or not.


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