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Re: [sc-dev] Asynchronicity and docs

On Dec 18, 2008, at 6:20 PM, Sciss wrote:
not sure this has been made clear, but in the current svn version, stringBounds _is_ asynchronous and must be called on a routine. i don't see any other way of accomplishing the functionality otherwise...

If it's asynchronous, then at least all of the following break. There might be some other cases that I missed.

The crucial stuff is especially painful. It means you will not be able to put any GUI that uses something that uses String:bounds into any view that has a flow layout decorator, because the decorator needs to know the bounds synchronously to update properly.

It won't be possible to wrap the uses within crucial library inside routines, because the user might be putting other views in the same container. The user's code will continue before crucial's code gets the bounds back from the swing server. Then the FlowLayout is all screwed up. That pushes the responsibility for routine-izing gui code onto users who have the intention of writing crucialized, cross-platform code ("crucialized" including such basic extensions as ActionButton, for instance).

I'm not sure if it's possible, but if it is, the best solution would be to have compiler switches in _String_GetBounds so that it can be done transparently. The current hack in String:bounds (which replaces the call to the swing server with an estimate by multiplication) is an inaccurate hack; asking the server for exact bounds but requiring every user to be aware of this is (IMO) an ugly hack. But they're both hacks.

Sorry for being blunt -- I know this is a difficult problem, and I don't know anything about how to solve it in Linux or Windows. So maybe I should keep my mouth shut :-)


drawLeftJustIn { arg rect, font, color;
var pos, bounds;
bounds = this.bounds( font );
pos = bounds.centerIn(rect);
pos.x = rect.left + 2;
this.drawAtPoint(pos, font, color);
drawRightJustIn { arg rect, font, color;
var pos, bounds;
bounds = this.bounds( font );
pos = bounds.centerIn(rect);
pos.x = rect.right - 2 - bounds.width;
this.drawAtPoint(pos, font, color);

init { arg layout,title,function,minWidth=20,minHeight,color,backcolor,font;
var environment,optimalWidth;
title = title.asString;
if(title.size > 40,{ title = title.copyRange(0,40) });
if(font.isNil,{ font = GUI.font.new(*GUI.skin.fontSpecs) });
optimalWidth = title.bounds(font).width;

argNameWidth = model.instr.argNames.maxValue({ |an| an.asString.bounds(font).width + 7 });

: H. James Harkins

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