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Re: [sc-dev] Re: Some 3.3 work

On Dec 18, 2008, at 6:53 PM, Rohan Drape wrote:

i disagree, i think it is a major change.  zero based control buses
are part of the scsynth specification, in the same way that
Out.ar(0,...) is going to get to the audio card.  it is in the 'Main
Design Concepts' section of the 'SuperCollider 3 Synth Server
Architecture' document.

But I think the flexibility this gives to synths is much better. If something better can be done, why shouldn't we do it? If a better design concept comes along later, shouldn't we implement it? Otherwise, just download 3.2 and keep using it. I think it would be hard to argue that anyone should do this... there have been a number of great improvements, so which introduce a change in coding practice (the new GUI system - which is the third pass at this problem - to name just one). And - it is a major change, but I think one that will greatly increase what can be done with the argument of a SynthDef.

note that under the new proposal in order to reliably work out where
the first control bus is you would need to query the server.  this is
an altogether new source of complexity, and quite unlike the slight
awkwardness of finding private audio buses (which in any case can be
done using unit generators) because control buses are very often the
point of interface between scsynth and various external processes.

Why do you need to query your instance of scsynth? It would be set up at init time just like any ServerOption in the language. Right now you know you have 4096 control busses by doing s.options.numControlBusChannels. With this proposal, ServerOptions would still tell you where the first control bus is, also with a variable.

There IS a difference between this and In.ar. With In.ar, you MUST provide an audio signal on a bus. With the proposal, you could give it the argument to the SynthDef a value when the synth is started, the index for a control bus OR the index of an audio bus, and all three would work as expected.


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