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Re: [sc-dev] Re: Some 3.3 work

3) To get this to work, I think the bus structure may have to change. IF it does, then there will be one set of busses, with the first block acting as Audio busses, the remainder controls. I still need to look at how the busses are put together to see if this is indeed the case, or even possible. This would BREAK any HARDCODED control indices between 0 and numOuptutBusses - 1.

4) The Bus class can be altered to handle the change mentioned in 3) (if needed)

5) The bus allocators in Server can be altered to handle the change mentioned in 3) (if needed)

I think that sums it up. I should have time tonight to look at the code that creates the busses, and see if this looks possible.

I think this part will be the easiest: Just change one line in Server.sc

controlBusAllocator = ContiguousBlockAllocator.new(options.numControlBusChannels);


controlBusAllocator = ContiguousBlockAllocator.new(options.numControlBusChannels, options.numAudioBusChannels);


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