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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

>>>>> "n" == nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    n> Hiho,
    >> Either you want w3m (inside emacs) to wrap or not to wrap longer
    >> lines than the frames width you can toggle 'visual-line-mode in
    >> emacs.

    n> How?  I tried setting the truncate-lines option, but as w3m loads
    n> a new buffer, it has already done the damage by resetting it.

M-x visual-line-mode

or eval (visual-line-mode 1)

To do this for every w3m-buffer you can add something along the
following lines to your .emacs:

(add-hook 'w3m-display-hook
	  '(lambda (url)
	     (visual-line-mode 1)))

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