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Re: [sc-dev] MIDI questions was: [sc-users] MIDIClient.init not working

Le 18 déc. 08 à 15:10, nescivi a écrit :


On 12/18/08, thelych@xxxxxxxxx <thelych@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
this will also fix the current problem reported in os x.

I think that one needs the line removed, as I suggested in my reply to
that issue.

From what i understand, so there is no prob to remove it from the
Linux side too ?

I don't think so.
I did not test it yet though...
and will not be able to do until after my current production period.

ok that's what i suspected. better to have your confirmation.

Personally i do not know about the MIDI state / impl on Windows so i
prefer not to break / remove anything untill i am sure about that.

I got no feedback on my patch there at all yet, so maybe someone can
test with the recently made alpha version for windows.

ok. I have no windows to test it too.

Anyway, feel free to make any fixes to OSX specific code.

If nobody shout about that, i'll commit the small patch. So anyway
MIDI will be functional (with the line in or out)...
And if it is ok to remove the _this.disposeClient_ line in
_MIDIClient.init_ for all platforms then we can safely do it later : )

Just another point Marije :
in MIDIOut.sc
is that a prob if we change MIDIClient.disposeClient to reset the
MIDIClient.initialized classvar to false ? Once you dispose your
client, MIDIClient.initialized is still true :|

I'd have to look into that (so later).

ok np.
the patch sent only concerns Mac OS X's MIDI primitives. And as i said i'll commit the os x patch if there is no shout against that.

The other stuffs can wait for sure.

thx for your answers marije.
and best wishes for your work.

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