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Re: [sc-dev] MIDI questions was: [sc-users] MIDIClient.init not working


On 12/18/08, thelych@xxxxxxxxx <thelych@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> this will also fix the current problem reported in os x.
>> I think that one needs the line removed, as I suggested in my reply to
>> that issue.
>  From what i understand, so there is no prob to remove it from the
> Linux side too ?

I don't think so.
I did not test it yet though...
and will not be able to do until after my current production period.

> Personally i do not know about the MIDI state / impl on Windows so i
> prefer not to break / remove anything untill i am sure about that.

I got no feedback on my patch there at all yet, so maybe someone can
test with the recently made alpha version for windows.

>> Anyway, feel free to make any fixes to OSX specific code.
> If nobody shout about that, i'll commit the small patch. So anyway
> MIDI will be functional (with the line in or out)...
> And if it is ok to remove the _this.disposeClient_ line in
> _MIDIClient.init_ for all platforms then we can safely do it later : )
> Just another point Marije :
> in MIDIOut.sc
> is that a prob if we change MIDIClient.disposeClient to reset the
> MIDIClient.initialized classvar to false ? Once you dispose your
> client, MIDIClient.initialized is still true :|

I'd have to look into that (so later).


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