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Re: [sc-dev] jost - gui helpfiles - some typos

i guess its similar to Swing and the AWT event thread : system and GUI calls can only made in a specific thread (instead of requiring a complex structure for thread-safety), and that is the AppClock thread in the case of CocoaGUI. right?

Am 18.12.2008 um 13:34 schrieb Fredrik Olofsson:

in my understanding coca gui calls from the lang are synchronous. and this is actually the reason they're not allowed on the system clock. they will mess up sound timing.
but maybe i misunderstood it all...

18 dec 2008 kl. 09.59 skrev jostM:

"Calls to the gui system from from the lang are asynchronous.".  is
this really true for cocoa gui?  you can't schedule changes on the
system clock, but that doesn't make it asynchronous me thinks.

Well, isnt't it asynchroneous relative to a Sytem Clock? Or is ther
another reason why gui calls do not work in a system clock? If i am
wrong please let me know.


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