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Re: [sc-dev] jost - gui helpfiles - some typos

2008/12/17 jostM <sc3@xxxxxxxx>:
>> all the JSCxxx links in the swinggui column are broken.
> these are not broken. However, since they depend on where you have
> installed the swing libs, they actually can never be correct. On OSX, I
> could simply make them link to JSCSlider.html, etc. with no path, and
> the editor will search for the. (this is actually a problem, since it
> makes it hard for me to check, unless I open them in  a web browser.)
> Under Linux, however, the browsers need correct paths.
> don't know how to solve that.

Hmm, yes, you've chosen the "expected" location of the swingosc help,
which is probably best. (It's where I'm putting the help, in the
windows installer ;) On OSX the app recognises links in the format
"sc://JSCSlider.html" and starts search automatically, but I don't
think the other platforms yet have a way to handle these.


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