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Re: [sc-dev] [crucial] RFC: Function wrapper to add ugens to patches without nesting

On Dec 17, 2008, at 11:48 AM, felix wrote:

or  { LFNoise1.kr(0.6).range(-10, 10) } should work also

This doesn't work because a function's rate is \stream. Because of this, an argForSynth is added and the result of the function is passed in the OSC message (the BinaryOpUGen from my other message). The function's UGens are added to the synthdef properly, but the patch's s_new message is badly formed.

your function wrapper is just a Patch without any args.

... with the specific characteristic that it should never be rendered into a separate synth, just embedded into the synthdef.

With a little more work, it would be possible to cache the UGens so that multiple references to the same argument in the Instr would share the same UGen mini-graph.

I don't get why it would be a \noncontrol
surely it has an audio rate output

Again, the intent is not to patch an audio or control input. It's just to embed the UGens. For that, no synth control should be created and noncontrol is the way to be sure of that.


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