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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

Simply reformatting is not an impossible task.  Writing docs and examples is a lot harder, since it involves analyzing code and then explaining it.

There is a lot of preparation and agreement that would have to be done before hand though. There are a lot of advantages to the xml/html idea. You could output the docs in any format you wanted then, even convert it to Latex and do beautiful printed versions. 

Linking on the whole is much easier now than it would be (even if it is hard to find errors).

Somehow, I think that before 3.3 there are other things to worry about


Andrea Valle wrote:

intuitions are good and I agree, but reformatting all the help files a
huge task.

Well, after your *huge* work, it's a really good point.
Still, IMHO the situation on windows for help files is pretty bad in terms of user experience

Best (and thanks)



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