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[sc-dev] jost - gui helpfiles - some typos

hi Jost,
had a look at 4 of your new helpfiles (brand new svn version), thanks.


first link to GUI under see also is broken.
Invalid hyperlink: '/Users/fuo/Desktop/GUI.html' Please repair this.
Searching help directories for alternative.

all the JSCxxx links in the swinggui column are broken.

RangeSlider in viewredirect column is broken.

also RangeSlider's description "horizontal interval slider" is not correct. it can be vertical as well.

SCImageFilter and SCImageKernel are not mentioned at all in the overview.


"is not part of the every SuperCollider distribution"
remove 'the'

please do a search for double-spaces. there are a lot of unneeded ones in middle of sentences in this file as well as in the others.


the first link to JSCWindow is broken.

the example under 'Basic Usage: Windows, Containers and Decorators' declares w and b variables. they shouldn't be declared.

"methods which assign FlowLayout to their" should be "methods which assign a FlowLayout to their".

in the next example "Use Rect for precise placement in a CompositeVew" typo CompositeView.

in both examples under section 'coordinates' "Us Rect for precise placement in a CompositeVew" should be "Use Rect for precise placement in a CompositeView". notice the 2 typos in that sentence.

"the top is 100 from th screen top" should be "the top is 100 from the screen top".

"Calls to the gui system from from the lang are asynchronous.". is this really true for cocoa gui? you can't schedule changes on the system clock, but that doesn't make it asynchronous me thinks.

"change freqency of a playing synth by step using arrow keys". frequency typo and also the whole sentence sounds strange.

"b=Bus.new.(\control,0,1);" should be "b=Bus.new(\control,0,1);"

the 'Frequency Monitor' example isn't a very good one i think because it crashes when you click the close button. if you add r.stop to the close button's action function, at least it won't crash there. but there's still the problem if someone closes the window with the standard red pill. Button.new(w, Rect(45, 70, 200, 20)).states_ ([["close",Color.black,Color.rand]]).action_({r.stop; w.close});

"of these techniques fo designing a widget" should be "of these techniques of designing a widget"

"subclassing differs in may points form the example" should be "subclassing differs in many points from the example". notice the 2 typos.

"see SCUserView Subclassing.". the link is broken. should be with out a space i believe.


i find the help here a little bit complicated to read. could it be explained more easily you think? "The point of its subclass is to" for instance could be "The point of using ViewRedirect's subclasses (e.g. Slider instead of SCSlider and GUI.slider) is to". maybe easier to follow for a beginner if not so many levels of subclasses and superclasses.

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