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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

Still, there's a major, higher issue here. 
We want to maintain the domination of macosx in terms of ease of use.
That's ok (I'm on mac).
But  cocoa compatible  html generation (Helper mimics it) is really a bad trick IMHO.


On 17 Dec 2008, at 23:34, andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

"j" == jostM  <sc3@xxxxxxxx> writes:

A related question, which is just a matter of style, is the
apple-editor the reason why code-portions arent put inside nice
css'ed <pre> blocks as well?

    j> I suppose because of syntax colorization. Indeed it would be
    j> great if there were a way to have all code in a <pre> tag or a
    j> <code> tag, if there were a way to get a browser to colorize it
    j> then.

The coloring isn't a problem.  afaik you can put as much bells'n
whistles you want (at least spans with colors etc) inside pre blocks as
well.  Automatic translation would take some thinking though.

Ive run through all the html-files ive found inside Html with a sed
script, and looked at a few of them from some SC_Help:w3m buffer, they
look much better now.  Ill see if i can upload an archive to a webpage.

Im not sure how various developers generate the html which gets
included, but i guess a translation-script could be handy for others as
well.  This script only substitutes the p-tags for now.

Using <pre>'s (difficult?)  and changing the Helper class (easy) comes
later.  See comments to begin with for applying to a directory-tree (ie


I guess the files could be operated on 'in place', but im not too sure
about shell-programming in general, and especially escaping white-spaces
in file-names...

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