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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

Scott's beautiful formating scheme could have been realized as simple, elegant html markup, using only divs and style sheets, if the apple editor would do this. And cross platform would have been simply an issue of adjusting style sheets. Cleanly converting the apple-generated html seems unlikely to me, but maybe it is more logical than it looks.


andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
"D" == Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    D> The reason is simple: that's what Apple's HTML generator does. I
    D> suppose a lot of the time Apple's HTML generator treats <p> tags in
    D> the same kind of way that many semantic thinkers would treat <div>
    D> tags. For example, headings are indicated using Cocoa's
    D> text-formatting tools, which have no way of inferring anything
    D> semantic like h1/h2 etc.

This is very good news.

Ill make a version of the code in the Helper-class to use div's or
similar - and maybe some pre-sections - and make a simple script to
translate existing html-files.

Then someone might check on various platforms/help-browsers.


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