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Re: [sc-dev] p tags in docs

>>>>> "D" == Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    D> The reason is simple: that's what Apple's HTML generator does. I
    D> suppose a lot of the time Apple's HTML generator treats <p> tags in
    D> the same kind of way that many semantic thinkers would treat <div>
    D> tags. For example, headings are indicated using Cocoa's
    D> text-formatting tools, which have no way of inferring anything
    D> semantic like h1/h2 etc.

This is very good news.

Ill make a version of the code in the Helper-class to use div's or
similar - and maybe some pre-sections - and make a simple script to
translate existing html-files.

Then someone might check on various platforms/help-browsers.


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