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Re: [sc-dev] Some 3.3 work


On 12/14/08, Click Nilson <clicksonnil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> --avoid referring just to Enter key on OS X, since some keyboards
> don't have this anymore? Or at least making it clear that Ctrl+return
> = enter somewhere prominent (like main help). I don't have a new Mac
> so haven't encountered this myself yet, but I believe some other
> keyboard shortcut might now have been officially set up for this?

make it cross platform compatible? so refer to the Shortcuts helpfile
at least once in each file that refers to pressing [enter].

So a line like:
To execute code, we refer to pressing [Ctrl]-[enter] in this helpfile.
For the correct shortcut on your platform/editor, please refer to the
[Shortcuts] helpfile.

> Dan assigned me sorting out all Convolution UGens to use sc_fft, so
> will be working at that (just did Convolution2). I wonder whether
> anyone other than Marije uses Convolution2L or StereoConvolution2L? I
> guess they've been around for long enough that they just have to be
> updated too, sigh...

There very similar though to Convolution2, so you'll see there is a
lot of code replication in them, compared to Convolution2. Shouldn't
be too hard.

Should we get sced (the gedit plugin) added to the main svn?

Then I'll also put on my list of things to do, to move scel to
editors, and make it non-Linux specific.


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