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[sc-dev] Some 3.3 work

On general SC 3.3 helpfiles, for which I might help to commit a few changes in the coming weeks, I assume we want to:

--As Scott says, try to make help available for all classes. Archive, anyone? For more suggestions see below or run the automatic scripts...

--hunt out any uses of AudioIn and replace them with SoundIn (everywhere except AudioIn helpfile)

--avoid referring just to Enter key on OS X, since some keyboards don't have this anymore? Or at least making it clear that Ctrl+return = enter somewhere prominent (like main help). I don't have a new Mac so haven't encountered this myself yet, but I believe some other keyboard shortcut might now have been officially set up for this?

Wish list: I wonder if the fading of HTML files over time issue is now fixed? And could there possibly be a re-indent function for the editor to help people neaten code?

New GUI redirect classes look great, will be very helpful for cross- platform teaching. I echo a request for working Windows MouseX and MouseY UGens, it's one thing that would make cross-platform teaching ten times easier for beginners.

Dan assigned me sorting out all Convolution UGens to use sc_fft, so will be working at that (just did Convolution2). I wonder whether anyone other than Marije uses Convolution2L or StereoConvolution2L? I guess they've been around for long enough that they just have to be updated too, sigh...


help missing examples:
everything in IOStream including Post! (who uses Pretty?)
MIDIClient MIDIEndPoint MIDIEvent
Warp and all variants
in Point.sc: PointArray

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