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[sc-dev] A Call for works / Appel d’oeuvres - Canadian 60x60

(Une version française est aussi disponible)
Call for Works for the first Canadian 60x60 Project (2008)*

Vox Novus, in collaboration with the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), is inviting composers to submit recorded works 60 seconds or less in duration to be included in the first Canadian version of the annual 60x60 project. 60 compositions will be selected to be played continuously in a one-hour concert. The Canadian 60x60 concert season will begin with a debut in Montréal and continue throughout Canada in venues to be announced. Concerts may also include a visual component (a clock, video clips, spectrographs, dance, etc.). The works will also be broadcasted on radio stations and featured on a Sonus.ca dedicated gallery. Please submit your recorded work(s) and submission form(s) before 31 March (postmarked). You may submit your works online or on a CDR; see submission guidelines below. Your work may be selected for both the Canadian and the International 60x60 projects.

During the concert each of the 60 pieces selected will begin precisely at the beginning of the minute, this will mark the end of one piece and the beginning of another. There will be no pause between the pieces. Works may be less than 60 seconds in length, but may not exceed 60 seconds. Selected works that are shorter than 60 seconds will be "padded" with silence either before, after, or surrounding the composition. Please note that the total duration of the work including silence may NOT exceed sixty seconds.

The call is open to composers of all ages and career stages who live in Canada, and to Canadian composers living in Canada or abroad. All other composers may participate in the international 60x60 project (see below).

Eligible works:
Any sound or music captured on recorded media, which does not require live performers for its presentation in concert. The piece may be of any style and may comprise electronic sounds, field recordings, recordings of voice or musical instruments, or other sound sources. Recordings of acoustic compositions SHOULD NOT be accompanied by musical scores. Works submitted should be created specifically for this project and must not have been previously performed or broadcasted.

More information can be found at:
http://www.60x60.yaeldad.com (Canadian 60x60)
http://www.voxnovus.com/60x60.htm (International 60x60)
http://cec.concordia.ca (Canadian Electroacoustic Community)
http://sonus.ca (SONUS, the CEC's online electroacoustic Jukebox)



1. Pieces should be submitted as uncompressed audio files (WAV or AIFF); priority will be given to works submitted in a 24-bit format and a sampling rate of 48 kHz (or higher); however, all works will be considered. Name your files in the following manner:
Last name_First initial_Title of the piece (for example Doe_J_Untitled.wav)

2. Multiple works may be submitted, however, each work must be accompanied by a submission form in an electronic format ONLY (DOC, TXT, PDF) ; name the form in the following format:
Last name_First initial_Title_Form (example: Doe_J_Untitled_Form.doc)

3. For each piece, please include an Info document (DOC, PDF, TXT) with a short biography and program notes (not longer than 100 words each); name the file in the following manner:
Last name_First initial_Title_Info (example: Doe_J_Untitled_Info.doc)

4. Optional: If you wish to have your work included in Sonus, the CEC's online Jukebox, please additionally complete the following steps. A gallery will be created to feature works from the Canadian 60x60 project:
a. Fill out a CEC contract here: http://sonus.ca/contracts ;
b. In the "Contributor's Statement" section of the contract, please select "for inclusion in Sonus"; c. Indicate in your 60x60 submission form whether a Sonus contract was signed.

5. For each submitted piece, create a folder named in the following format (Last name_First initial_Title) or a compressed file (ZIP, RAR, ACE, etc) named similarly, which includes the piece, the submission form, and the Info document.

6. You may submit your pieces online or on a CDR to the address below.

Online Submission:
1. Upload each piece's folder or compressed file to the following FTP server:
Host name: ftp://yaeldad.com
User Name: canadian (all lowercase)
Password: 60x60

2. Send a an email to 60x60@xxxxxxxxxxx with the following subject:
Canadian 60x60 FTP submission: Last Name, First initial, Piece Title

3. Alternately, you may make your compressed file available online at a website of your choice and send an email to 60x60@xxxxxxxxxxx with the URL to download it.

CDR Submission:
1. Burn all submitted pieces (a separate folder or compressed file for each) on a single CDR.

2. All information should be included in an electronic format on the CDR; do not send paper copies.

3. The CDR must be labeled with the composer's name and email address.

4. No material will be returned.

5. Mail your CDR no later than 31 March 2008 (postmarked) to the following address:
CEC / Canadian 60x60
c/o Eldad Tsabary
Department of Music, Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1R6

1. Pieces will be selected by a jury of composers, sound artists, and educators.
2. Selected pieces will be announced on 31 August 2008.

3. Email questions about the submission process and about the project to Eldad Tsabary <60x60@xxxxxxxxxxx>.



Name (Last, first):
Composition title:
Street Address:
City, Province, Country, Postal Code:
Email Address:
Phone Number(s):
Performance Rights Organization:
(Optional) Signed a Sonus contract (yes/no):

Attachment: 60x60Canada_appel_d'oeuvres.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document