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[sc-dev] CocoaBridge bug

Hi all,

seems i'm the only one playing with CocoaBridge (or Midi Sysex :-))... i am not very up-to-date but.. anyway

Jan, 'double's do not pass well to cocoa objects when using invocation

example: (from the doc)

var winname = "cocoa test", win, nsname, slider;
nsname = SCNSObject("NSString","initWithCString:length:", [winname, winname.size], false);

win = SCNSObject("NSWindow", "initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:",
	[Rect(100,140,400,30), 10, 2, 1]);
	"closing window, releasing objects".postln;
	[winname,nsname,slider,e].do{|it| it.release};

slider = SCNSObject("NSSlider", "initWithFrame:", [Rect(0,0,390,20)]);
e = SCNSObject("SCGraphView", "initWithFrame:", [Rect(0,0,400,30)]);

win.invoke("setContentView:", [e], true);
e.invoke("addSubview:", [slider], true);

slider.invoke("setFloatValue:", [0.5]);	// OK for FLOATs
slider.invoke("setMaxValue:", [300.0]); // Here Problems for double values -> zeroed
slider.invoke("setMinValue:", [10.0]);	// Same here....

slider.invoke("maxValue").postln;	 // Result is 0
slider.invoke("minValue").postln;	// Result is 0

win.invoke("makeKeyAndOrderFront:", [nil], true);
win.invoke("setTitle:", [nsname]);

{a = slider.initAction;
a.action_({|v,val| val.postln});}.defer(0.1); // WELL... ZERO...

//// in CocoaBridgePrimitives.M:278
if(!(*cType == _C_FLT || *cType == _C_DBL)){post("wrong type at arg: % i excepted float\n", i); return errWrongType;}
float val;
slotFloatVal(slot, &val);				
[anInvocation setArgument: &val atIndex: i+2]; /// <--- if _C_DBL we should pass a reference to a double, the reference to a float do not work for this case.