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Re: [sc-dev] relative SCCompositeView

On Jan 16, 2008, at 4:38 PM, Jan Trutzschler wrote:

Hi James,
thanks for testing, i committed a fix, which makes your example behave normally.

Okay, I tested with my rather complex performance GUI, and it looks good. Thanks!

I just checked in some adjustments to let the user change the default relative origin setting, and to make sure that FlowView would place the views correctly if relative origin happens to be true. The automatic resizing features of FlowView do not work with a relative origin composite view -- the lower right corner of the used space is not identified correctly. Should be fixable but I'm coming down with a cold, and I'm out of ideas for tonight.

I didn't add a defaultRelativeOrigin classvar... might not be a bad idea, so the user can set their preference in their start-up file. Right now, if they would rather work with relative views all the time, the only way is to change it in SCView.sc, and an accidental commit of that would be bad.

The UI builder would have to take relative origins into account in that case.


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