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Re: [sc-dev] relative SCCompositeView

Hi James,
thanks for testing, i committed a fix, which makes your example behave normally.


On Jan 16, 2008, at 8:37 PM, James Harkins wrote:

Started playing with this today... there is a weird bug with FlowView
that I haven't tracked down. With relativeOrigin = false, it looks
like the view bounds are set correctly but i's background is painted
relative to its parent's origin (h), when it should use absolute
coordinates. I don't see where the client is doing anything wrong in
this case.

f = FlowView();
g = FlowView(f, 150@350).background_(Color.red(alpha: 0.2));   // OK
h = FlowView(f, 150@350).background_(Color.blue(alpha: 0.2));   // OK

  // background is painted in the wrong place:
i = FlowView(h, 100@100).background_(Color.red(alpha: 0.2));  // bad

GUI.staticText.new(i, 80@20).string_("hello");   // OK

It looks right in SwingOSC.

FlowViews with relativeOrigin = true are still messed up - I'll work
on that myself, no worries.

On Jan 15, 2008 2:24 PM, Jan Trutzschler <sc3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
i committed a completely re-worked version of a relative
SCCompositeView. At the moment relativeOrigin is set to false, so
everything should work as usual. If it doesn't please report.
I would be very happy if some of you could try it out, since it was a
quite huge change, i had to touch every view object.

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