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Re: [Sc-devel] Platform, Quarks and stand-alones

I've been thinking this week that it might be good to expand the sclang.cfg concept so that it configures not only library compilation, but also default file locations and perhaps other preferences.

Here is a list of all of the directory setters in the main library:

Method Meta_AbstractSFP:dir_
Method Meta_AbstractSample:dir_
Method Meta_Archive:archiveDir_
Method Meta_Document:dir_
Method Meta_Document:wikiDir_
Method Meta_Instr:dir_
Method Meta_SynthDef:synthDefDir_
Method Platform:recordingsDir_

While most of them could be set after the environment is initialized, synthDefDir and archiveDir are used during initialization -- thus they must be set prior to running any initClassTree activities. Currently there is no mechanism to do this other than hacking the library, and I agree with Ron that this is a weakness.

This should also allow you to override the default location of extension and application support directories.

Other user preferences could be stored here as well. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Stefan Kersten's preferences class? That's really what we're talking about here... it's ironic that SC is one of the most customizable environments out there, while our handling of persistent user preferences is slipshod at best.


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