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Re: [Sc-devel] crucial new stuff checked in


On Friday 29 February 2008 16:04:19 felix wrote:
> not sure why checkins don't get posted to the list.sc-dev vs. sc-devel ?

they get posted on sc-dev
I got a whole bunch of them.

You know you can commit several files at the same time, right?


> large crucial checkin.
> gui system uses relativeOrigin now
> cleaned up, prettier (a bit)
> uses GUI.skin
> default gui for various objects changed.
> string,symbol, number use a simple label
> patterns display all their variables
> NumberEditor now goes vertical/horz/small automatically if you give it
> bounds.  a little buggy in some cases.  old normal cases all work.
> FlowView reflowDeep !
> MultiPageLayout/Sheet/PageLayout now uses a scroll (and will soon
> disappear) ControlSpec-optimalRange
> Patterns-spec determine spec automatically if poss
> Many objects fixed incorrect specs
> Patch/InstrSynthDef can report spec/input mismatches when you explicitly
> stated a spec.  it keeps quiet if it only guessed your spec and it tries to
> trust you.
> Patch/InstrSynthDef report synth def build errors with much useful
> information what was passed into which function and precisely who
> complained about it.
> Instr- fixed loading from subdirectories
> PlayerSocket, AbstractPlayerProxy, PlayerPool fixed playing, stopping, node
> free issues.  unit tested.
> Patch - stepchildren : can host players within a patch (not yet fully
> working), buffers inline in a patch, more to come...
> ServerLog
> GridLayout
> removed: state.sc
> Crucial-initSpecs no longer by default
> Crucial-initLibraryItems  no longer by default
>   if you depended on any of these specs then call Crucial-initSpecs in your
> startup