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Re: [Sc-devel] Platform, Quarks and stand-alones


Symbolic links is an absent concept on Windows . There are special .lnk files that work for directories but not for files, so the default must be copying...

The syntax is different too:

cp -r  => xcopy Source Destination /y

rm -drf => rd [Drive:]Path /s /q


On 28 Feb 2008, at 14:47, ronald kuivila wrote:

Hi Dan and Felix,

 Seems like:

if (useSymLinks) {
("ln -s " + (local.path ++ "/" ++ q.path).escapeChar($ ) + (dirname ++ "/" ++ q.path).escapeChar($ )).systemCmd;
} {
("cp -r" + (local.path ++ "/" ++ q.path).escapeChar($ ) + (dirname ++ "/" ++ q.path ).escapeChar($ )).systemCmd;

installs and

("rm -drf" + (Platform.userExtensionDir ++ "/" ++ local.name ++ "/" ++ q.path).escapeChar($ )).postln.systemCmd;

deinstalls correctly. Can anyone verify these will work in win32? (seems like they must)

There is the question of what to do on update.  We could add

if (useSymLinks.not) { Quarks.installed.do { | q | Quarks.uninstall (q.name); Quarks.install(q.name) } }

to Quarks:update.

Finally, I would propose that the setter of useSymLinks reinstall everything to force consistency (i.e., all quarks are installed installed the same
way, as a symlink or a copy).


On Feb 27, 2008, at 5:01 PM, Dan Stowell wrote:

2008/2/27, felix <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 7:22 AM, ronald kuivila <rkuivila@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

3. Insisting on symlinks breaks the use of Quarks in win32. While Felix'
and James' rant about win32 was entertaining,

yes, and after the quip about the horse I suggested on windows we could
simply copy the folder.

so I already suggested the solution and I've suggested it before but still I
have heard nothing.

Cool, so let's do it. So installation needs a platformy-switch; does
deinstallation? Deinstallation is (currently) by deleting a symlink;
on Windows, would exactly the same mechanism work to delete the
(copied) folder as well as its contents, or does it need something
special, like the equivalent of "rm -rf"?

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