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Re: [Sc-devel] firstArg - why not valid for all objects?

I'm sure I've asked before and never gotten an answer, but... why is firstArg defined only for AbstractFunction, SequenceableCollection, Signal and SimpleNumber?

a - That leaves out a LOT of objects capable of doing math, e.g., Complex, Point... b - It's more of a flow of control operator than a math operator anyway, so why restrict it to mathy objects?

I just ran into another situation where I had to write the inconvenient syntax

{	var	ret = ~xyz;
	~xyz = nil;

instead of the following, which expresses it much more cleanly imho -

{ ~xyz <! (~xyz = nil) }

Could someone either justify the restriction or give the go-ahead to lift it?

why would you want to use it anywy?