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[Sc-devel] How to make svnless Quarks work...

Hi -

Thinking about the issue of getting quarks to work nicely when the
user has (a) no svn installed, and/or (b) a non-svn (i.e. downloaded)
quarks repos. Some suggestions:

Change the check in QuarkSVNRepository.new, from

if(svnpath.isNil || File.exists(svnpath).not,{
    Error("Path to SVN executable is not correct.  Set
\n\tQuarkSVNRepository.svnpath = \"/full/path/to/svn\"\n in your
startup ").throw;


if(svnpath.isNil or: {File.exists(svnpath).not},{
    "No SVN executable found at %. Will not be able to synchronise
with remote repository.".format(svnpath).warn;
    svnposs = false;
    svnposs = File.exists(local++"/.svn");

The reason for setting the flag (a new instance variable) will become
clear in my next suggestion.

Add this extra to QuarkSVNRepository.svn (and also to .svnSync):

    "Cannot perform SVN action. Either could not find SVN executable,
or the local repository is a regular download (not a svn

I don't know if this will resolve everything but I *think* it would
make downloaded-quarks able to show the gui, and give sensible
feedback when users try to perform update commands etc. felix, jh, et
al, any thoughts?