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Re: [Sc-devel] 3.3

Hi Josh,

You're right that everyone's done really well with 3.2, it's a really
great release in lots of ways (also a lot of the accompanying stuff:
the quarks, swingosc, psycollider, have all reached a really good

One point I'd like to make: 3.3 should be a LONG way off. I think we
can happily live with 3.2 as the official "stable" release, plus the
bleeding-edge svn version, for a while. For example, 3.3 DEFINITELY
shouldn't come out before the book comes out!


2008/2/21, Josh Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Well... since James H. just mentioned 3.3 on the sc-users list, I wanted to
> bring up something that has been on my mind a bit after the 3.2 gear up.
> First of all, I REALLY like the way the RCs went this time, and I think
> there was a little stress with there being a little more of a hard deadline
> this time. All the same, I think 3.2 is a VERY impressive release. One thing
> that I think we (as a group) may do differently for the next point release
> is elect / appoint someone who is the 'head release dev'. Just someone who
> we all decide will make decisions that need to be made for the next release
> (set dates / deadlines, decide what should be fixed, what should wait, and
> perhaps assign bug fixers). With 3.2, I think much of this fell on Nick and
> Scott (as editors) as well as Dan. What do the rest of you think about the
> rest of us electing someone who tries to keep some of these larger picture
> things in mind? This shouldn't be someone with absolute power... in general,
> I think the discussions on the dev list are wonderful. But when things can't
> seem to be decided, it may be good to have a person who decides (for a
> single release) what needs to be done and how. Kind of like the VP in the US
> Senate... (oversees things, and really only has executive power in tie
> breakers for those of you lucky enough not to have Dick Chenew secretly
> running your country). This idea is NOT to squash conversation or debate,
> but to have a voice that can make some decisions to, hopefully, make
> everything move a bit smoother and saner.
> How do others feel about this?
> Best,
> Josh (not a Dick Cheney fan... less then a year to go... apologies to those
> who love the power the guy wields)
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