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Re: [Sc-devel] RC6 is up...

hi fredrik,

can't reproduce the first issue. "java.io.IOException : Broken pipe" indicates that you are operating on a GUI widget whose client was disconnected (by recompiling the class lib, TCP connection was closed). since all widgets are to disappear when you recompile class lib, this should never happen, unless you have run your code too early after booting the server (e.g. you have not waited for the message "SwingOSC : server connected." or didn't use g.doWhenBooted (...)) because the node-allocator was re-initialized after you executed the window construction (leading to overwriting of the old window reference nodeID and hence leaving this old window open).

the automatic stroking i believe is a bug in cocoaGUI, but to add drawing commands and not execute them with stroke or fill creates anyway a kind of undefined behaviour, so one should never actually do such thing...

thanks for checking, anyway!

ciao, -sciss-

Am 19.02.2008 um 15:55 schrieb Fredrik Olofsson:

thanks for rc6.  works great!

only 3 tiny little things:
* i still think the optional installs readme should be updated with
more clear instructions for quarks.
* don't forget to change scVersionPostfix in Main.sc.
* and there are duplicate entries for Klang in UGenCategories.sc.
generates a warning in the post window.
	Extension overwriting Meta_Klang:categories
		in file '/Common/Audio/UGenCategories.sc'.
		Original method in file '/Common/Audio/UGenCategories.sc'.

else i checked my contributed examples, book examples and quarks
again (ppc/intel/cocoa/swing).  fixed some problems with redDefault
and redUniverse.  but now they should be ready to go.

oh, i found 2 other minor swing vs cocoa issues.  save for later.

//drag quickly from center downwards and continue out of the window.
error only appears for down - not in any other direction.
//error:	/mouse : java.io.IOException : Broken pipe
	w = JSCWindow( "Mouse Actions", Rect( 200, 400, 350, 180 ),
resizable: false );
	a = JSCUserView( w, Rect( 10, 10, 160, 160 ))
		.background_( Color.blue );
	w.acceptsMouseOver = true;

//inconsistency.  cocoa does a stroke automatically?
//with the GUI.pen.stroke uncommented, swingosc doesn't draw the line
while cocoa does.
	var width= 300, height= 300, w;
	w= GUI.window.new("line stroke test", Rect(128, 64, width,
	w.drawHook= {
			var r1= Point(width.rand, height.rand);
			var r2= Point(width.rand, height.rand);
			GUI.pen.line(r1, r2);
			//GUI.pen.stroke;		//cocoa does this one automatically?
			GUI.pen.strokeOval(Rect.aboutPoint(r1, 4, 4));


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