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Re: [Sc-devel] RC6 is up...

when we release 3.2 for good, I think it is okay to do the latest update of the optional installs.

sound ok to others?


On Feb 19, 2008, at 6:55 AM, Fredrik Olofsson wrote:

thanks for rc6.  works great!

only 3 tiny little things:
* i still think the optional installs readme should be updated with
more clear instructions for quarks.
* don't forget to change scVersionPostfix in Main.sc.
* and there are duplicate entries for Klang in UGenCategories.sc.
generates a warning in the post window.
	Extension overwriting Meta_Klang:categories
		in file '/Common/Audio/UGenCategories.sc'.
		Original method in file '/Common/Audio/UGenCategories.sc'.

else i checked my contributed examples, book examples and quarks
again (ppc/intel/cocoa/swing).  fixed some problems with redDefault
and redUniverse.  but now they should be ready to go.

oh, i found 2 other minor swing vs cocoa issues.  save for later.

//drag quickly from center downwards and continue out of the window.
error only appears for down - not in any other direction.
//error:	/mouse : java.io.IOException : Broken pipe
	w = JSCWindow( "Mouse Actions", Rect( 200, 400, 350, 180 ),
resizable: false );
	a = JSCUserView( w, Rect( 10, 10, 160, 160 ))
		.background_( Color.blue );
	w.acceptsMouseOver = true;

//inconsistency.  cocoa does a stroke automatically?
//with the GUI.pen.stroke uncommented, swingosc doesn't draw the line
while cocoa does.
	var width= 300, height= 300, w;
	w= GUI.window.new("line stroke test", Rect(128, 64, width,
	w.drawHook= {
			var r1= Point(width.rand, height.rand);
			var r2= Point(width.rand, height.rand);
			GUI.pen.line(r1, r2);
			//GUI.pen.stroke;		//cocoa does this one automatically?
			GUI.pen.strokeOval(Rect.aboutPoint(r1, 4, 4));


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