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Re: [Sc-devel] Recording Directory

I thought the backwards compatible not breaking any tutorials
location Dan selected of the recordings directory in the application
folder itself is fine for 3.2.

"grep -ri recordings ." on the help directory finds 3 legitimate mentions of the recordings directory (none of which are tutorials)...I can easily fix these.

As you say, those who want it in a 'Music' folder in their home
directories can set the classvar themselves.

Yes, but /Applications/SuperColider/recordings is a terrible default. User data should never be written to /Applications.

perhaps make this directory a string that is defined in Platform?

Yes, this would be better.

defaultRecDir - a class variable to set and return the location for
recordings, default is "recordings" in the SuperCollider directory.
Example of how to set a new path for the location of recordings:

Server.defaultRecDir = "~/Desktop".standardizePath // record to the Mac Desktop

I'll add this regardless of whether or not the "~/Music/SuperCollider Recordings" commit goes through.