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Re: [Sc-devel] RC5

Hi all,

  With the release including Quarks, how are users supposed to configure them?  Do they need to drag them into
the userApplicationSupport dir?  If so, it might be better to allow them to be runnable out of the box.  This would be easy to do,
it is simply a matter of having the directory be an instance variable rather than a call to Platform.userSupportDir.  

Here is a patch that illustrates what I mean: 

+LocalQuarks {
*new { | path, parent |
^super.newCopyArgs((path ?? { QuarksDir.dir ++ "/quarks"}), parent)

QuarksDir {

classvar <>dir;

*initClass { 
Class.initClassTree( Platform );
Class.initClassTree( String );
if (File.exists("preloadedQuarks") ) {
dir = "".absolutePath ++ "/preloadedQuarks";
} { 
dir = Platform.userAppSupportDir;


On Feb 10, 2008, at 1:07 AM, Josh Parmenter wrote:

Hi all,

there was some mention over the past couple of days of a final release candidate scheduled for tomorrow. Still sound like the plan? I think most of the fixes over the past few days have been mostly how the download looks (problems with namespace, etc.) as well as some GUI ironing out. So, if it sounds good to all of you, I can package and announce the RC tomorrow night (late West Coast US time). I also have a stable APF fix and help file fix to put in. How does a 6pm cutoff time sound to all of you? 



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