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Re: [Sc-devel] relativeOrigin...

On 7 Feb 2008, at 22:08, felix wrote:

let's not confuse the background issue with the contents drawing where it should.

scott, you actually just introduced the background not drawing issue today.
it didn't do that from my previous (yesterday) build.

There were actually two background issues, your colour one, and the not drawing correctly when scrolling over. My commit yesterday fixed the latter, at least some of the time! That one could be seen in the help file examples, which I know were working properly until at least 3.1.

or maybe its somewhat correct : it only draws a background behind what is actually there.
you can see the smallest speck of yellow.  but the background should be drawn behind the whole frame at least, and up a to the minimumSize (contents size) at most.

At the moment I think it's drawing the whole contents, but it's all a little labyrinthine at this point.

// wrong
w = SCWindow.new;

c = SCCompositeView(w,Rect(30,30,300,300));
c.relativeOrigin = true;
c.background = "">Color.blue;

ah ... scott ?

the w is not fronted yet.
you are maybe looking at the previous fuckery still open in the same position ?

No, that occurred at the time and I checked that. But I think maybe Jan's fix or fixes have changed this?

It doesn't do it since then IAC.