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Re: [Sc-devel] NEW RC TODAY??? was (Re: UI.shutdown [from sc-users] SC3.2 rc4 now available)

Sorry, just catching up with this frantic activity after another night of editing!

Sciss, we really appreciate your work, please stay with us.

Dan, thankyou for helping to direct this RC process in difficult circumstances!

It does seem that we can't quite push SC3.2 fully into the gift wrapping.

The chapter finalising process will (by my estimate) take one more week, since some still aren't quite at finalising stage (mentioning no Iannis's..oops)

So I suggest; new RC on Monday night, giving this weekend for GUI resolution/some help file writing. But we really will need the final thing within a week or so; by the 18th, RC6 or not?


PS Just a suggestion, but: please please hold off any other discussions except for obvious bug fixes/help provision for SC3.2 until after SC3.2 is sorted now? Multiple threads confusing issues a little if one faction pushing for post 3.2 changes and others just trying to aim for basic functionality/compatibility. Remember that the vast majority of book text and code is already being or is finalised and so backwards compatibility is a priority for 3.2 since we're essentially a month late sorting it.

On 7 Feb 2008, at 22:11, Dan Stowell wrote:

James' comment makes sense, let the dust settle a bit. I don't think a
new RC will get very wide use btw: people are probably getting to the
point of being fed up of downloading new versions by now; plus there
won't be many days to play with it. I'm away over the weekend so
please do whatever and don't wait for me to update the website / send


2008/2/7, Josh Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
yes... I wrote that email on the bus (while other things went down).

I do think an RC 5 is in order though.


On Feb 7, 2008, at 1:20 PM, James Harkins wrote:

With the SCView problems, I think we should let the dust settle a bit
before repackaging.

On Feb 7, 2008 12:01 PM, Josh Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This, and the duplicate class names fix I think means a new RC should
be done TODAY!!!

perhaps a note to the list that this will occur? How do others feel?

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