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Re: [Sc-devel] EZSlider broken?

On 7 Feb 2008, at 21:31, James Harkins wrote:

Maybe check that you have the latest EZSlider?

Ok. I'll make a new build.

I think I'm going mad actually. Nothing works anymore.
All my tools are strange.

Even the Pen code is wrong. This code here gives me too
wide line. The linewidth used to be 1 pixel but on my system
it looks like 10 pixels:

w = SCWindow("strokeOval", Rect(128, 64, 360, 360));
w.drawHook = {
var r;
r = Rect(100, 100, 160, 80);
Pen.strokeColor = Color.black.alpha_(0.8);

But I'll make a new build now before I start taking some tablets : )