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[Sc-devel] NEW RC TODAY??? was (Re: UI.shutdown [from sc-users] SC3.2 rc4 now available)

This, and the duplicate class names fix I think means a new RC should be done TODAY!!!

perhaps a note to the list that this will occur? How do others feel?


On Feb 7, 2008, at 7:33 AM, Sciss wrote:

i don't need to persuade anyone. the last RC broke the shutdown of
swingOSC because of after three years of unchanged code in my
shutdown JSCWindow was placed after NetAddr to shutdown. if i'm too
late to fix that, than that's it, find someone else to develop
swingOSC, i don't get paid for doing swingOSC and i can do a lot
better with my time, then people help yourselves and create your own

sorry but that makes me really upset.

Am 07.02.2008 um 12:52 schrieb Dan Stowell:

Moving this to the dev list. You've missed the deadline. If you can
persuade the devs in general that it merits a new RC or a patch before
release, then that's up to you, but we're now in a phase where the
program should be frozen and only changes to helpfiles are made.
Otherwise, the user testing of rc4 will be worth a lot less than it
should be.


2008/2/7, Sciss <contact@xxxxxxxx>:
obviously i will want to solve the UI.shutdown problem

Am 07.02.2008 um 09:31 schrieb Dan Stowell:
If no important problems are revealed then this will be the official
3.2 release, the release on which the forthcoming book will be

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