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Re: [Sc-devel] Fwd: [sc-users] SC3.2 rc4 now available

I deleted the duplicate files from SVN.
I wasn´t able to change the ixi.quark file and add the dependency.

In my svnX program the DIRECTORY folder doesn´t show any change and
if I type "svn update" in the terminal, it says:

thm21-mac-pb:~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/quarks thm21$ svn commit
svn: Couldn't determine absolute path of '.'

And there is this . folder there. 


e = (not_inside: "an event");




On Feb 7, 2008, at 8:44 AM, thor wrote:

On 7 Feb 2008, at 13:28, James Harkins wrote:

I ran it on the whole Optional Installs folder. Here the guilty parties:

I'm the biggest guilty party.

dependencies: ["ixiViews"]

should this not be

\dependencies: ["ixiViews"]

: H. James Harkins

"Come said the Muse,
Sing me a song no poet has yet chanted,
Sing me the universal."  -- Whitman

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